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A new tuberculosis and HIV test

Both whole-area and area-selective treatment with and without deposition of coatings will all be part of the IP4Plasma project development work to provide innovative technology for the industrial production of advanced medical consumable products. These include:

  1. A new tuberculosis test
    • allowing diagnosis within minutes
    • with no need for any test equipment installation
    • high sensitivity (>80% for TB positive cases detected) and specific (>99%)
    • at a cost as low as 1 € for endemic countries and 5 € for Western European

    Source: Lionex

    Current tuberculosis tests are costly and include a chest X-ray, microbiological examination, tuberculin skin test, surgical biopsy either individually or in combinations. A cheap and easy to use test as is subject of the development work of this project will help overcome significant obstacles achieve its much more widespread use thus laying the basis for much more effective combat of the tuberculosis disease.

  2. A low cost human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) test with enhanced sensitivity
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